17 December 2011

Final Graphics for stardoll

This is a collection of the final few graphics I have made for stardoll so I will still have them when I delete them off the computer. I really hope you like them.
( the patch it up articles are actually really old graphics, they were made for Outrage magazine but it was closed down.)

This is my newest work and probably the last graphic I will make. Do you think I have improved over time? 

17 November 2011

Late releases

I just checked and I had a few modelling graphics and graphics I had made stored on my computer and not put to use. So time for a little update I think.(click on all images to enlarge)

This graphic is one I made a while ago for Dingyfeathers, who is so sweet and kind. She uses it on her blog Fashion daily, which you can visit by clicking here. I really need to work on my shading of pale skinned dolls.

Then the next two graphics are ones made by two other fantastic graphic designers and friends.
The first is one Sofi (lulla96) sent to me a while ago. She didn't need to make me it or have any reason to, but one day I was presented with this masterpiece and I love everything about it. Sofi is very talented.
To see her graphics blog click here.

This next graphic is by Hrly. She is leaving stardoll shortly, but she revealed her glamorous collection of Paradox earlier today. Please do check it out(click here) it is so well made and designed. I was so happy to be featured and like this graphic very much.

12 November 2011

The Elite finished graphic

Earlier I showed you the graphic I made for The Elite and said Vicky wanted some changes. They are all done and dusted and this is the completed banner for the blog. I quite like the colours, but I really hate how I did the hair, I rarely do up-dos and so this was a bit of a learning experience.

Here is a link to her fantastic blog. Click here.

(click to enlarge)

02 October 2011

Graphic for THE ELITE

I made this graphic for princessvx's blog. I will be updating with another version later, because she wants me to change the font and background. I like the colours though and it one of the best backgrounds I have done, normally mine look all wrong with the picture.
(click to view proper size)

Do you like it?
Link to the blog:http://theeliteblogger.blogspot.com/

Chloe-99's graphics

You may have heard of this angel. Her name is Chloe and she is extremely sweet and one of the greatest friends a person could ask for. Recently I was through to the semi finals of MSW. Sadly I did not get to the finals, but Chloe made me this beautiful graphic, completely out of the blue and just from the goodness of her heart.

I personally love it.

You can check out more of her talent at her graphics blog :http://chloe-99sgraphicsgallery.blogspot.com/

Modeliing Lisa Couture

The amazing, talented and lovely people over at Lisa Couture released the spoiler for the next line not to long ago. I was so shocked to see I was used. Thank you irishlily09 and all the graphics team.

Don't you love the colours.

links: http://lisacouturesd.blogspot.com/

Graphics blog

I changed the blog a bit. It is no longer just my portfolio for modelling, I am going to also be posting my graphics!
If you go to the top you will probably notice the graphics tab. It will show all the graphics I have made(and could find) and it will be regularly updated.

I will also post any new graphics here.

Thanks for reading.
Love Robyn