27 May 2011

Profile Polaroid

Hello,  Kim (xxlovexx)  has made an outstanding graphic and it is a Polaroid for Mcqueen Models, of my medoll. I like all the shading and she is really good at making hair. I like the fringe bit and how it is swept to the side.

This is it...

18 May 2011

Graphic by Bel

My darling friend Bel made me a graphic a while ago and I really liked my clothes, the hair and everything really. I hope you love it as much as I did.

Then a long time ago Bel had a magazine called Glow teens magazine. It was really inspirational, but unfortunately she was hacked and it was shut down, thankfully I saved the wonderful graphic she made.


Thank you so much to Tonia.ftw and xxlove xx who signed me to McQueen's Models, it was so unexpected and I can't find a way to thank you enough.
Here is the wonderful graphic made for me by Tonia.Ftw, if you would like to see the other models a link is on the side-bar.


Stardoll Username : evermore1girl
Skype Name :evermore1girl

About you:
I love to write and would love to be a successful author. I read all the time and my favourite books to read, are romantic fantasies like The Twilight Saga, the mediator series,Finding Sky, shiver etc. I am a big romantic and daydreamer but in real life peeple don't really pick up on that as I am quite shy and do not say much and come across as quite serious, which I can be if I need to be . I have quite an unusual fashion sense and go for comfort and then try to make it more stylish. I like quite indie styles or hippie and boho is a big favourite of mine.